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Norse Kayaks

Norse Kayaks - Ask Fiberglass

Norse Kayaks - Ask Fiberglass

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Ask and Embla represent a new generation of Scandinavian sea kayak design developed and tested along the spectacular Norwegian coast, where the mountains meet the Atlantic sea and in the surf swells at “Cold Hawaii” on the Danish west coast. The keywords for the new Norse series of performance sea kayaks are efficient handling characteristics and seaworthiness, contained in a low-profiled and compact design with a speed-optimized hull. The low profile deck minimizes wind impact and offers a four-hatch layout with compass recess, low back deck, and ergonomic cockpit for optimal contact and paddle efficiency. The hull is designed for high maneuverability and surf with double hard chine for efficient and distinct handling characteristics. The well-defined responsiveness will serve the beginner's learning curve and provide performance for the experienced paddler who wants a responsive and agile sea kayak for the next adventure in challenging conditions.

Ask and Embla is designed by Danish kayak designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen known in Scandinavia for the design of the original arrow kayaks Play, Nuka and Empower. Jesper has also made several successful designs for US-based Current Designs.

Jesper’s kayak design emphasizes the kayak as an extension of the body and differs from traditional boat design in that the kayak is not designed for hull efficiency alone, but as the interface between the human body and the ever-changing sea.

When Odin and his brothers came upon two pieces of driftwood shaped like a man and woman. Inspired, they decided to breath life into them. They named the man Ask and the woman Embla.


Black, Red


16' 8.75" (510 cm)


21.375" (54.5 cm)


12" (30.5 cm)


Carbon 44.5 lbs (20 kg), Carbon 73 lbs (33 kg), Epoxy Carbon TBA, Fibreglass TBA

Cockpit Dimensions

33.25" (84.5 cm) x 16.5" (42cm)


Total Volume: 351 L Cockpit: 180 L Front Bulkhead: 70 L Rear Bulkhead: 65 L Day Hatch 36L

Max Loading Weight

313 lbs (142 kg)

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