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Lasso LOCK-ALL Combo Lock

Lasso LOCK-ALL Combo Lock

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 The LOCK-ALL is a unique and versatile locking device that allows you to secure quickly and easily your valuable items. It utilizes a vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable with hardened die-cast zinc attachment multipliers that won't rust and are corrosion resistant for years of continuous trouble free use. The customizable Barrel Lock allows you to set whatever four-digit combination you choose.

The LOCK-ALL requires a very small opening (less that 3/4'') in order to lock your gear to any stationary object like a tree, sign post or any available anchor point.



- Weight: 2lbs

- Galvanized steel aircraft cable vinyl coated to 3/8''

- Overall length is roughly 8'

- Max loop size is approximately 8'

- Has re-settable combinate code that you choose

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