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Barkley Sound #211

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About Barkley Sound: One of the remarkable characteristics of Barkley Sound is the division between the Broken Group Islands and the Deer Group – two very different archipelagos set within the same body of water. Whereas the Broken Group Islands are a maze, the Deer Group is linear. The Broken Group is in a national park; the Deer Group is a mishmash of reserves, First Nations treaty land, private property and Crown land. This means unregulated campsites instead of national park sites, and mixed uses such as a resort on Tzartus Island and a yacht club outpost in Robbers Pass.

But for exploration, the Deer Group can have as much to offer as the Broken Group: fewer secluded passages but a highly complex shoreline, a scattering of casual camping locations plus a good chance of meeting up with whales, which are regular visitors in Trevor Channel.

Options for destinations are numerous. Bamfield is the most common starting point, though kayakers could easily cross Imperial Eagle Channel to mix a Broken Group trip with Deer Group destinations.

About this mapsheet: This mapsheet packages the waters through most of Barkley Sound from Secret Beach to Pachena Bay, including the Deer Group and the Broken Groups Islands. It is best for explorations from Bamfield and trips that include the Deer Group and possibly the Broken Group as well. Trip information is for the Deer Group and the inlets and water features on the east side of Barkley Sound, with a double-sized scale map of the Deer Group for trips to that area. It could also be used for trips for the Broken Group Islands from Secret Beach, but the descriptions and trip information for the Broken Group are in mapsheet #210, plus map details for the west shoreline and the Ucluelet area. Mapsheet #210 also includes a double-scale enlargement of the Broken Group Islands as an additional resource. Both mapsheets in tandem will allow a full exploration of Barkley Sound and details for all portions.