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Wild Coast Publishing

The North Coast Trail #106

The North Coast Trail #106

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About the North Coast Trail: The North Coast Trail is a 43.1-km extension to the Cape Scott Trail that officially opened in May 2008. Wild Coast Publishing's North Coast Trail map brings that trail to life, as well as an incredible marine adventure route -- the Cape Scott Marine Trail..

The North Coast Trail begins at Shushartie Bay near Port Hardy on Northern Vancouver Island and ends at Nissen Bight, passing through rugged terrain interspersed with beautiful sand beaches.

At Nissen Bight, the trail connects with the older Cape Scott Trail to exit at San Josef Bay, making the entire hike 58 kilometres. It is a noteworthy challenge and opens up a section of Vancouver Island otherwise rarely seen. The North Coast Trail map outlines the logistics, features, hurdles and attractions along the entire length.

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