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North Water

North Water Sea Tec Tow Line

North Water Sea Tec Tow Line

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Built in collaboration with a number of Level 5 BCU instructors, this 30-foot floating polypropylene line tucks into the wide-mouthed bag that plays out without fuss and packs back in quickly and easily. The waist belt cam release buckle has an easy to feel pull bead. There is an exterior carabiner anchor for quick access to the large stainless steel keyhole carabiner. Adjustable and removable shock absorber is integrated into towline without using knots eliminating snagging potential.  The bag has added floatation. When filled, the bag rolls up and velcros tightly into a compact package not much wider than its attached waist belt.  


    Length: 35' or 50'
    Diameter: 1/4" H2pr0  kermantle polypropylene rope
    Tensile: 1399
    Bag Size: 12" x 3"

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