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Reed ChillCheater

Reed ChillCheater Aquatherm Spray Deck - Adjustable waist

Reed ChillCheater Aquatherm Spray Deck - Adjustable waist

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This Aquatherm Spray Deck with Adjustable waist is a lightweight revolutionary design. Ideal for  sea kayaking, touring and recreational use with a draw cord waistband. 

The fabric’s outer surface is 20 times more abrasion resistant than neoprene. Aquatherm deck fabric has 360 degree stretch, instant memory return, and has 80% less volume and weight compared with traditional neoprene products without compromising performance. It is comfortable, durable and supple, UV stable, waterproof and fast drying.

Fitting:  Boat Cockpit Size: We have a number of standard boat cockpit sizes in stock. If your boat is more unusual, then we may need you to trace the outer edge of your cockpit and mark on your seat position on newspaper. We can then get a customized skirt made for you.

Custom Sizing Available for special order. Contact us for information.

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