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Map sheet Kyuquot Sound #202

Map sheet Kyuquot Sound #202

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About Kyuquot Sound: Kyuquot is the smallest of the five main sounds on the west coast of Vancouver Island, but certainly one of the prettiest and most interesting. Like most areas of the coast, the main attractions are on the outer waters, but most are easily reached from within the cover of the sound, and so require crossing very little exposed water. One of those attractions is the Mission Group, which offers an ideal kayaking destination with the breathtaking beauty of an open-ocean archipelago conveniently near the cover of the main sound. Nearby Rugged Point is a Vancouver Island beach at its best: wild, supremely beautiful and secluded.

This region is also a gateway to the Bunsby Islands and Brooks Peninsula (see map #201), so you can mix and match itineraries to create a lengthy and varied holiday. Meanwhile, the interior of the sound has its own appeal, including rarely-visited Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, where no amenities and no formal trails make it a true wilderness destination.

About this mapsheet: This map is perfect for those heading to Brooks Peninsula. Use it in conjunction with #201 Brooks Peninsula if you are continuing north, or #203 Nuchatlitz if continuing south. The area includes from the Bunsby Islands to Rugged Point Provincial Park in the south as well as all Kyuquot Sound -- including many of the best areas to explore and paddle in British Columbia. Boaters will want to use it as well for orientation including anchorages throughout the area as well as for understanding the entire region's shoreline, rock by rock. The reverse side includes travel information, facts, history and safety considerations perfect for anyone visiting the area. Consider it the essential travel companion for anyone visiting Kyuquot Sound or for anyone just dreaming of visiting this remarkable location.

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