Join Our Team!

Would you like to join the Ocean River Crew in the retail store, on the docks, or the water? We are always looking for great, passionate staff to bring on board. Reach out to us to get the wave rolling, we are always hiring!

  • Brian Henry

    Brian is one of the original pioneers of the sea kayak industry, an expert kayaker, a kayak designer and also the owner and operator of Ocean River Sports in downtown Victoria, BC. Brian was born and grew up on Vancouver Island, and started kayaking at about the age of 5. With a passion for being on the water, Brian led trips to the wild west coast of Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands (presently called Haida Gwaii) in the late 1970’s—when modern day kayaking was just starting. Brian continues to be an active paddler, certified guide, and overall advocate for the environment and the activity of kayaking.

  • Jamie

  • Lee Phillips

    Lee has a passion for teaching and loves to see the “Aha! Moment”. Lee’s approach to coaching paddle sports addresses not only the physical movements and techniques, but the mental game as well. He takes great pride in addressing the diverse learning styles of all his clients.  A true West Coast guy, Lee has been paddling the dynamic waters of Vancouver Island for over 20 years.

    Lee is an instructor and guide for Ocean River Sports. He is a certified Paddle Canada Level 2 Instructor and a SKGABC Level 2 guide.

  • Vicky

  • Federico Canzani

  • Corri

    Corri Lobbezoo (they/she) is a Level One Paddle Canada instructor and an AOG with SKGABC. They love facilitating experiences that engage the body, mind and spirit, and empowering others to learn new skills in playful ways.

    Corri is a committed nerd, with a BA in History and Linguistics, an MA in Social History, and a lifetime with their nose in books. A lover of the water but avoider of sports, she was surprised to discover an aptitude for race kayaking on the Otonabee River in Ontario. Moving back to the west coast, Corri took a sea kayaking course with Ocean River and got pulled away from classroom teaching into outdoor education.

    In addition to kayak guiding and instructing, Corri is also a writer,  life coach, and meditation teacher. She finds poetry, story and deep presence on the water and in Mother Nature.

  • Jo Nicolson

    Jo is a Paddle Canada Level 2 instructor with Level 3 skills, a Flatwater SUP instructor, and a SGKABC Level 3 kayak guide. When not out kayaking or hiking, Jo is a schoolteacher (the job that pays the bills), hence the passion for coaching. Her first experience kayaking was a surf kayak course offered by Ocean River many, many years ago – ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to kayak…’ Since then, you can’t get her off the water!

  • Jennaka

    Jennaka is as passionate about kayak instruction as she is about bringing people closer to the environment. Growing up in Toronto, it was a challenge to connect with nature; Jennaka found more hockey rinks than rivers. But after moving to BC in 1999, this hockey player traded in one set of gear for another, and made the switch from frozen to moving water. Her kayaking career started with white water paddling on many rivers in BC and abroad, but she has always longed for the sea. After a successful year of sea kayak guiding in New Zealand in 2005, she was drawn to the coastal waters of Vancouver Island. Jennaka has now been instructing for us since 2009. She has explored and guided the Gulf Islands, Clayoquot Sound, Johnstone Strait, Broken Group, Deer Group, and many more. She loves sharing stories about our beautiful coast and its creatures, so don’t hesitate to ask! Jennaka is a Paddle Canada Level 1 Instructor and a SKGABC Level 2 Guide.