Traveling With An Inflatable SUP

Traveling With An Inflatable SUP

Why traveling with an inflatable SUP is a great idea!

Buying an inflatable SUP can be quite the investment. This investment is not for everyone but it does offer many benefits. Inflatable boards are easily stored and portable, perfect for saving space in tiny homes or for transporting in the back seat of a small car. Getting down to remote areas is way easier when your board can fold up into a backpack for the trip down to the shore. One of the huge benefits often overlooked with inflatable boards is just how versatile they can be because of this portability. Did you ever consider taking your inflatable SUP with you when you travel?

Check out some of the reasons why traveling with your own inflatable SUP makes perfect sense.

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No rental fees

On those fun vacations to warmer climates, we all want to get out and explore the lakes, seas and rivers of a new place. Spending all of your time in a new destination sitting on the warm sand, drinking mai tais and longingly looking out at the sea isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we can all use a break sometimes, but often something is missing. We go on vacation to relax, sure, but exploring the hidden alcoves of a new coastline can leave many longingly looking at the rental price list and dreaming of what you might see for those fees. Bringing your own board means you can get out on the water as often as you like, on your own terms. For no extra money, other than any baggage claim fees to bring the board with you, you could get so much more out of your vacation and out of your board.

Remember that most airlines have a 50 lbs weight limit or a size limits on bags. Great news, most inflatable boards are under 50 lbs and can pack down relatively small. Make sure you check the airline’s specific baggage policies but you could essentially be taking your paddleboard with you for no extra cost depending on the airline and ticket type.

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Good Quality

Let’s face it, we have all been on vacation and rented some gear only to be disappointed at the quality. The kind of quality that means a stand-up paddleboard so cracked and waterlogged we essentially paid $50US to paddle in one place for close to 2 hours. Maybe you have rented snorkeling gear with slow leaks in the eyepieces or a scooter with a bad clutch, whatever your experience we are sure you can relate to bad rental gear stories. We have all been there.

Imagine a world where you are in control, a world where you get what you pay for, a world where you don’t have to trust that every person before you did not take liberties with the gear you are now trusting. This could be your reality. With your own board, you know exactly what you are getting. The quality, the craftsmanship, the maintenance, it is all something you are aware of and in control of.

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No limits

When you rent gear you are usually limited to where you can go. You either go straight into the water from the rental office or they drive you to a specific chosen location. Sure, sometimes this is great because they have picked one of the best spots to explore but, because of this, it will also be a high traffic area. With your own board, you can toss it on your back and travel with your inflatable SUP to any beach that sparks your interest. Just make sure you always tell someone where you will be, what your plans are, and when to expect you back. Safety doesn’t take a holiday just because you are.

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Traveling with your inflatable SUP is great for all of these reasons but what we love most about it is this: if you are going to invest money in a good quality board you should be able to get a lot of use out of it, not just at home.

Let us know the coolest place you have gone paddling in the comments below.

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